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Our finest machine polishing compound removes swirl marks and defects from your paintwork. Providing a silky smooth finish for an essential step towards UHD perfection.

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Ultra High Definition Polishing Compound is the result of many years of experience working with leading automotive detailers and paint rectification specialists who insist on perfection. It is very important to remove paintwork defects before you apply any protection products. Ultra High Definition Polishing Compound has everything you require to restore your paintwork to its showroom appearance. That’s the Autoglym way, always has been.


  • 1 x UHD Polishing Compound (500ml)
  • 1 x 160mm Medium Foam Renovating Pad (White)
  • 1 x 160mm Soft Foam Refining Pad (Black)
  • 1 x Autoglym Finishing Cloth

Created for dual action machine polishers and rotary machine polishers.

Suitable for all types of new and aged automotive gloss paint and is silica and silicone free.

Caution – avoid areas of paintwork that are chipped or the lacquer is peeling.

Unsuitable for matte paint.

Created for dual action machine polishers and rotary machine polishers.

Suitable for all types of new and aged automotive gloss paint and is silica and silicone free.

Caution – avoid areas of paintwork that are chipped or the lacquer is peeling.

Unsuitable for matte paint

Instructions below are ideal for a Dual Action Machine Polisher, if using a Rotary Machine Polisher please take extra caution with using high speeds over painted plastics.


  1. Thoroughly clean and dry the vehicle, ensuring any fallout and contamination is removed from the paintwork with Magma and/or a clay bar. Remove any tar and previous polishes and coatings from the surface using Autoglym Intensive Tar Remover.
  2. Recommendation – if possible, park the vehicle indoors or in a sheltered area, out of direct sunlight and wind. Mask any badges, delicate trim, door handles, lights, unpainted plastics, etc. with low tack masking tape.
  3. Work on an area at a time, e.g. shoulder width size. Place the pad to the top of the panel and start the machine at its lowest speed. Pass over the area in a horizontal motion, gradually increasing the speed from low to high.
  4. Work on the same area for approx. 1 to 1 ½ minutes until the compound is translucent. Buff the area with the Autoglym Finishing Cloth and check for swirl marks with an LED light. Add more product as needed and continue until the desired result is achieved. Work up to any swage lines, do not polish over them.
  5. Buff any remaining compound with the Autoglym Finishing Cloth.
  6. If holograms are present, repeat the process from stage 4 using the Soft Foam Refining Pad.
  7. Now the paintwork is ready for protection with Autoglym UHD Ceramic Coating and/or UHD Wax.

Top Tip: If stubborn deposits of compound are left on the paintwork, spray with water and buff clean.

Can UHD Polishing Compound be used with a Dual Action (DA) machine polisher?

Yes, we would recommend using a DA, especially for less experienced users of machine polishers.

Can UHD Polishing Compound be used with a Rotary machine polisher?

Yes, however it is best that you have experience in using this tool as to avoid any permanent/serious damage to your paintwork.

What is a Polishing Compound and why would I use it?

A polishing compound is a mildly abrasive chemical that is designed to be used with a machine polisher. A polishing compound would be used to remove swirl marks and defects from the vehicle paintwork it will also provide a smooth, shiny finish.

Can I apply UHD Polishing Compound by hand?

No, as this product performs best when used with a machine polisher. If you are looking for another solution by hand please refer to Super Resin Polish, Scratch Remover and/or Paint Renovator.

A lot of dust is created during the polishing process

This may be due to excess polish residue which has built up on the pad over time. After polishing, ensure any compound residue is scraped off the pad and disposed of. The pad can also be washed using warm or cold water. Allow to dry thoroughly before use.

The product is drying out and becoming difficult to use

This can be experienced as a result of poor lubrication or hard deposits of the compound becoming difficult to work in. The problem may occur when using a brand new pad without sufficient product, or when too large an area is being worked with the product. This may also occur if the product is being used in warm conditions or if the machine speed is too high.

When using a brand new pad, ensure you use a little extra product to ‘prime’ the pad.

On a primed pad we recommend 3 pea size drops of product. Do not attempt to work an area that is too large – the product should easily spread across the entire worked area and should visibly break down into a translucent compound.

Avoid using the product in direct sunlight. Ideally it should be used indoors in a dust-free environment

How safe is UHD Polishing Compound?

UHD Polishing Compound has been designed to be as safe as possible whilst still being able to remove defects and achieve an outstanding gloss finish. There are a few things to ensure before starting to avoid causing damage…

  • Do not use on matt paintwork
  • Do not use in direct sunlight or if the bodywork is hot
  • Do not use on surfaces that may become hot quickly
  • Work up to swage lines, badges, delicate trim and difficult to reach areas
  • Work on a small area at a time, continuously moving the pad in a horizontal motion – do not keep the pad moving in one area for an extended time
  • Wash the vehicle with a Shampoo and decontaminate the paintwork by clay bar or Magma.

Can I use UHD Compound on damaged paint? For example where stone chips or deep scratches are present?

No. By using a machine polisher on these areas it could create further problems

What machine do you recommend?

If you are planning to first start using a machine polisher we would recommend using a dual action (DA) machine polisher over a rotary machine.

For experienced users familiar with rotary machines we recommend a Flex XFE 7-15 150 Random Orbital Polisher and the PE 14-2 150 Variable Speed Rotary.

What speed should I use?

Start at a low speed and raise the speed until the product becomes translucent. For an orbital – Start slowly to spread product evenly, work at lower speed settings initially that do not produce too much vibration and raise the speed level until the product becomes translucent.

Can it remove scratches?

Scratches are completely subjective. If you can feel them with your nail…no although they may improve. It is possible to remove lighter scratches that are located in the upper layers of the clear coat such as bush whip marks, swirls etc.

Is it safe on all paint types?

Yes apart from matt paint. Solid single stage paints will result in colour transfer onto the buffing pads.

Can I use it on painted plastic bumpers?

It can be used on plastic bumpers and other plastic panels but low speeds are recommended.

How long can I safely work a panel?

There is no definitive answer to this but the following guidelines should be followed:

The compound stops being as effective after approximately 1 ½ to 2 minutes, after this time if more rectification is required it is advisable to add more product to the pad rather than keep buffing.

If the panel becomes too hot – stop

Can I used UHD Polishing Compound to remove wet sanding marks?


Can I used UHD Compound with different pads?

Yes the compound is very versatile and will work with most pads.

Is it safe to use on my resprayed vehicle?

Proceed with caution. If the job has been completed to a professional standard then it is fine. But if you have any doubts or are worried then proceed with extreme caution testing a small area or leave it altogether.

Should I use UHD compound before waxing or ceramic coating my car?

Yes this will create a perfect base for applying either product.

How many pads do I need to cover a full vehicle?

Depends on the condition of the vehicle and what you’re trying to achieve. Light surface prep or gloss enhancement 1 finishing pad. Swirl removal and gloss enhancement 1 medium pad and 1 finishing pad.

I can’t move the dried out UHD from area I’ve just buffed

Spray with water and wipe away.


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